Looking To Sell In Flushing: Agent vs. FSBO

You're smart, you know your home, and you think you can sell it yourself. It sounds like you have FSBO on the brain! FSBO (pronounced fizz-bo, if you want to appear as if you know what you're talking about) stands for "For Sale By Owner." This means that if you are looking to sell in Flushing, you won't use a real estate agent.

As agents ourselves, we naturally want to partner with you. On the flip side, we understand the appeal of going FSBO for those who are looking to sell in Flushing. Here are two pros and two cons of going it alone to help you decide what's best for you:

FSBO Pro #1: You'll have control over the process.

If you go the FSBO route, you decide how to prepare, where to list, and most importantly, the price tag. There's nobody to answer to, and you completely own your choices.

FSBO Con #1: It's hard to take your emotions out of the process.

No matter how impartial you think you are, your emotions are bound to get in the way as you try to sell your home. This could lead to overpricing or a reluctance to stage your home to sell.

FSBO Pro #2: You get to keep all of your profits.

Real estate agents work hard, so they earn a commission. If you are looking to sell in Flushing and decide to go FSBO, you get to pocket that money.

FSBO Con #2: The costs of selling a home add up quickly.

Although you're not on the hook for agent commissions, you'll end up paying for photography and listing services. If you are looking to sell in Flushing and going down the FSBO road, you'll also fork over a lot of your time. Selling a home is a time-consuming endeavor. That's why real estate agents work around the clock to do it for you!

If you are looking to sell in Flushing but are unsure of the best approach, talk to Flushing Realty today to learn more about what an agent can do for you!

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