Looking To Sell

Flushing, NY real estate is a broad mix of styles and sizes of homes, but one thing they all have in common is that in January 2019, the New York Post named Flushing as New York City's "most dynamic outer-borough neighborhood." So when the time comes to sell your home, you want to work with real estate professionals whose knowledge of the neighborhood and trends in the local real estate marketplace comes from the first-hand experience. The agents and brokers at Flushing Realty give you that advantage when you’re selling your home.

Pricing a home to sell doesn’t have to be a challenge

Sellers who do not know the value of their homes in today’s marketplace can end up losing money or having a home on the market for far longer than necessary. Setting your offering price too low might bring buyers and generate a sale, but you could be losing thousands of dollars. Equally as troublesome is listing your home for sale at a price that is far above its actual market value. The result is having your home sitting on the market while qualified buyers look elsewhere because of your home’s listing is overpriced.

Helping you to get the most for your home

At Flushing Realty, we offer a Free, comparative market analysis. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) gives you an idea of the real market value of your home by comparing it against recent sales of similar properties in the area. A comparable property is one that corresponds to your home in terms of several attributes, including the following:

  • Square footage
  • Lot size
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Year built
  • Type of heat
  • Upgrades

A comparative market analysis provides you with a guide as to the market value of your home. It does not, however, tell you how much a bank will lend a buyer. Banks base their mortgage underwriting policies on the appraised value and not on the offering price.

Appraisals reflect what the bank is likely to lend, but they do not represent the market value of a home. Even though appraisers compare your home to other homes that sold in the area in much the same way as comparative market analysis, the results can be strikingly different. The reason is that appraisers are conservative in arriving at the values they place on properties.

Because we want you to have as much information as possible when selling your home, we offer a Free appraisal to our sellers ($500 Value). This way, you’re informed about what buyers are likely to offer and how much their bank will lend.

Contact Flushing Realty when it’s Time to Sell

Our real estate professionals offer expert advice and guidance when selling your home in Flushing, NY. From pricing to advertising and marketing, our agents give you the personalized service you need and deserve. Find out what makes Flushing Realty different by calling us (718) 997-6000 to speak to one of our agents today.