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Bustling, diverse and eclectic are only three words that describe Flushing, one of Queens’ most recognized communities. Although Flushing is home to the third-busiest intersection in New York City, quiet streets still exist. The variety of housing options found within the neighborhood ensures that nearly everyone can find a place they love in Flushing.

Whether you are an eager buyer or are parting with your Flushing home, Flushing Realty can help. Our agents have combined decades of experience in real estate, and best of all, many of us live right down the street. As residents, we offer a unique and truthful perspective on your real estate transaction.

Buying a Home in Flushing

Many buyers come to us saying that Flushing’s real estate listings are overwhelming. They need help narrowing down their must-see list. We tell these buyers that they’ve come to the right place! Our agents help buyers:

  • Connect with a mortgage broker to get preapproved for a loan.
  • Create a prioritized list of must-haves and locate budget-friendly properties that offer as many of these features as possible.
  • Find homes for sale before they are made public on real estate search engines!

Our Seller Advantages

At Flushing Realty, we understand how important it is to sell your home quickly and for the price it deserves. We put our clients ahead of the competition with these seller advantages:

  • Free property appraisal: We assess your Flushing home for sale to determine how much money a bank might lend to a borrower to purchase it.
  • Our exclusive Guarantee Program: If your home doesn’t sell within 25 days, we won’t take a commission. Talk to our agents to learn how to qualify for this program.

Our Commercial Services

At Flushing Realty, our services go beyond residential real estate. Connect with one of our commercial real estate specialists today to see what we can do for you.

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If you are entering the Flushing real estate race, plan to finish first! Connect with Flushing Realty to learn how to be a success in this dynamic real estate market.

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