Flushing’s energy is unlike any other Queens neighborhood. Buyers are captivated by its blend of busy thoroughfares and residential streets. As the second-largest Chinatown district in New York City, the neighborhood’s diversity intrigues home buyers and property investors. There is a lot to know about Flushing, and Flushing Realty is a buyer’s best resource for a real estate win.

A Buyer’s Decisions

If you are looking to buy in Flushing, you’ll have decisions to make. Here are some of the most common choices that buyers encounter in Flushing:

  • Older building vs. new construction. Older structures may have more character and be more budget-friendly, but new builds tend to offer modern amenities.
  • Single-family home vs. multi-family building. While single-family homes offer more space and privacy than multi-family arrangements, they also come with a higher price tag.
  • Co-op vs. condo. Although co-ops are more restrictive than other housing arrangements, they are also often more affordable.

Flushing Realty’s professional agents have years of experience in guiding our clients through these tough choices. We want you to be confident in your investment, and our advice takes your budget, must-have list, wish list and personality into account.

Serious Buyers Achieve Success

At Flushing Realty, we recommend that buyers obtain a mortgage preapproval before embarking on their property search. This step is critical because:

  • People who have a mortgage preapproval are viewed as committed buyers.
  • A mortgage preapproval saves precious time during your property search.
  • Mortgage preapprovals increase the seller’s confidence that the real estate transaction will proceed smoothly.

Property Investors

If you plan to invest in commercial or rental properties, this information applies to you also! Due to the complicated nature of these transactions, we urge you to contact us directly to discuss a personalized approach to your property purchase.

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