The Flushing neighborhood in Queens has become a “destination” community in New York City. The culturally diverse setting offers a wide array of dining options that rival that of Manhattan’s historic Chinatown. Flushing residents live in a community filled with a variety of housing styles. Commutes from Flushing to the city are quick and convenient. Buyers are attracted to this community from Manhattan and beyond.

Housing Styles in Flushing

The variety of housing styles in the community draws many people to Flushing. Buyers are likely to find a style that suits their needs on these tree-lined streets. Buyers can choose from:

What You Need to Know About Purchasing a Home in Flushing

Buyers in the Flushing neighborhood need to know three essential things:

It is crucial that the buyer’s offer is attractive to the seller. At Flushing Realty, we will use our expertise in real estate and insider information about trends in the community to develop an offer that stands out to sellers.

Being a Serious Buyer

You know that you are a serious buyer. It is essential that the seller understands your commitment also! At Flushing Realty, we offer assistance with securing pre-approval for a home loan, which indicates to sellers that you are a committed buyer and may make your offer stand out in a situation where there are multiple offers on your ideal property.

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