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Buying a Home in Flushing

Currently, there is a demand for homes to buy in Flushing. Because of its proximity to Manhattan, its variety of transportation options and its array of restaurants that make it a place that’s a destination. The Flushing community has become a destination in its own right. The Chinatown you now see constitutes one of the city’s most active commercial centers.

The neighborhood of Flushing has seen home prices rise steadily, while inventory has seen a decrease in recent years. With its mix of high-end development properties in its downtown area to its single-family homes, like the rest of New York, the neighborhood’s character has changed dramatically over the years, in part due to real estate development.

Flushing Realty is here to help you find the perfect residential or commercial property to fit your needs. Our staff of dedicated realtors will happily assist you when you’re ready to become a member of the Flushing, NY community!

Buying a home in Flushing
At Flushing Realty, our agents and brokers provide buyers with an insider’s view of the community and its real estate market. Flushing offers a wide selection of types of properties for buyers to consider, including:

Homes in Flushing come in a variety of styles. No matter what type, style, or price range, properties in this diverse community, they do not last long once they are on the market for sale.
Because we understand trends in the local marketplace, our buyers are provided with the most current information about home values. No buyer wants to pay too much for a home, so we arm our buyers with all the data they need to know the offer they make on a home reflects its fair market value.

Working to make sellers want offers from our buyers

It’s common for multiple buyers to be interested in the same property in Flushing. We work with our buyers before taking them out to look at properties to ensure their offers are taken seriously by sellers.

One thing that makes an offer stand out when there are multiple buyers interested in a home is when the offer comes from someone who has been pre-approved for financing. Too many buyers wait until they have an accepted offer before beginning the time-consuming process of applying to a bank for a mortgage loan.

As real estate experts, we know that sellers in a popular community, such as Flushing, do not want to wait and have their homes off the market while a buyer attempts to get approved for financing. We work with our buyers to obtain financing approval before looking at homes. Offers from preapproved buyers stand out in a hot market by telling sellers the offer comes from a serious buyer capable of completing the purchase.

Our work does not end when the offer is accepted

Our experienced agents and brokers have been in the real estate industry know that their work isn’t complete when a seller has accepted a buyer's offer. We monitor each transaction and assist our buyers throughout the mortgage underwriting process until the loan has been cleared by the lender to close.

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