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Flushing, New York in Queens Community District 7, was initially established as a Dutch colony in 1645. When Queens County was established in 1683, the "Town of Flushing" was one of the original five towns which the county comprised. In 1898, although opposed to the proposal, the Town of Flushing (along with two other villages and other lands of Queens County) was consolidated into the City of New York to form the new Borough of Queens. Local farms continued to be subdivided and developed into large to mid-sized single-family homes, transforming Flushing into a densely populated neighborhood of New York City.

And today, the further east past its bustling downtown, you’ll find that it's one of the most prominent neighborhoods of Queens. It includes sub-sections such as Auburndale, Murray Hill, Queensboro Hill, Linden Hill, Kissena Park, Broadway-Flushing, and Waldheim. The Flushing community is comprised of lots of lovely, older single-family homes with beautiful historic architecture mixed with newly developed or renovated single-family dwellings. Flushing truly is a quaint suburban neighborhood. The village of Flushing is also home to Flushing Meadows Park (the site of two worlds fairs), Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium, Citifield, NY Hall of Science, Queens Botanical Gardens, Queens Zoo, Queens College, and not to mention a plethora of shopping and restaurants. The majority of residents call the entire area from what was once known as the old Shea Stadium to Utopia Parkway or Francis Lewis Blvd as "Flushing."

Downtown Flushing Chinatown is primarily around Main Street and the area to its west, most prominently along Roosevelt Avenue, which has become the original nexus of Flushing Chinatown. However, Chinatown continues to expand southeastward along Kissena Boulevard and northward beyond Northern Boulevard. The Flushing Chinatown houses over 30,000 individuals born in China alone, and it is the largest Chinatown by this metric outside Asia and one of the largest and fastest-growing Chinatowns in the world. In January 2019, the New York Post named Flushing, New York, as New York City's "most dynamic outer-borough neighborhood.

While once considered a “bedroom” community to Manhattan due to its proximity, Flushing has easy access to mass transit and the local highways. Flushing is also the home of highly-rated public schools and venues exclusively dedicated to arts and culture, such as the historic Lewis H. Latimer Museum House and Flushing Town Hall.

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