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The buzz over renting a home in Queens is getting louder. Now that real estate experts are recommending renting rather than buying in certain situations, more people are scrolling through the rental listings in Flushing than ever before. Whether you would like to list your current Flushing property for rent or you are a newcomer to the area, Flushing Realty has the secrets to navigating an ever-changing rental market.

Benefits to Renting

We all know that buying a home builds equity and gives the buyer pride in ownership, but that doesn't mean that renting is an inferior choice. Renting has its own list of benefits:

  • Renting is a great choice if you are trying out a neighborhood to see if you like it.
  • If you know that you will be living in an area for a short period of time, renting makes sense.
  • If the maintenance tasks that come along with home ownership are overwhelming, renting might be the way to go.
  • Renting might be a more affordable way to get a property with the amenities on your wish list.
  • If it's taking awhile to find the home of your dreams, you might decide to rent while you search for the perfect property.

Can a Real Estate Agency Help Me Rent?

Not every real estate agency is equipped to help their clients list or select a rental property. At Flushing Realty, we are just as committed to our rental clients as we are to our buyers and sellers. You'll have confidence in our ability to market your property, introduce you to homes that meet your needs and guide you through leasing transactions.

Flushing Realty has access to a list of the most current available rentals in the neighborhood. As a prospective renter, you'll see:

This information also helps us guide our listing clients in pricing their rental.

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