Free Home Estimate

Free Home Estimate

Do you need to upgrade or downsize your home, or are you simply seeking a change of scenery? It sounds like it's time to sell! The real estate market in Flushing, Queens is historically hot, and it's critical to make all the right moves when you list your property. Flushing Realty is here to help you play the real estate game with smart, savvy agents that have your best interests in mind.

The First Step: A Home Estimate

Our agents agree that the first step in listing your Flushing home for sale is to get a home estimate. We feel so strongly about this, that we offer a free home estimate to our valued clients.

What is a home estimate? A home estimate, sometimes called a property appraisal, is an evaluation that determines how much money a lending agency may let a person borrow to purchase a particular property. Combined with a comparative market analysis, a home estimate guides sellers and realtors in assigning a fair price to a property.

Can I Skip a Home Estimate?

The agents at Flushing Realty believe so firmly in the value of a home estimate that we offer this service for free to our sellers. You won't want to miss this opportunity to list your property at the right price!

Here is a short list of the benefits of getting our free home estimate prior to listing your property:

  • The information from a home estimate will prevent pricing your home too low or too high, attracting plenty of serious, qualified buyers.
  • If buyers know that your property has been appraised, it increases their confidence in your asking price.
  • If a home estimate is considered in the pricing of your home, it will inevitably spend less time on the market.

Get Your Free Home Estimate Today!

Are you ready to sell your home? We are commited to helping clients reach their real estate goals. Even if real estate is uncharted territory for you, our agents will walk you step-by-step through a successful sale.

Contact Flushing Realty today for your free home estimate! Call us at (718) 997-6000 or email us.