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Pricing a property is one of the most challenging tasks in real estate. The initial listing price must be attractive to serious buyers and worthwhile to the seller. It is critical to price a property within this distinct range to ensure a successful sale for all parties involved. If you are thinking about selling your Flushing property, a free property appraisal from Flushing Realty will help you begin the process with confidence.

Comparative Market Analysis Versus Property Appraisal

While both reports provide insight into the value of your property, a property appraisal and comparative market analysis serve specific purposes. Here are the basics on these real estate tools:

  • Comparative market analysis: This report uses data from recent home sales in the area to determine how much money a seller could expect to receive for their home.
  • Property appraisal: This report consists of an analysis that tells how much money an institution will likely lend to a buyer to purchase the property.

Consider a Property Appraisal Before Listing

Typically a property appraisal is required by a lender and arranged by a buyer during the sales process. At Flushing Realty, we recommend that our sellers take advantage of our free property appraisal before listing. Sellers who have a property appraisal done before listing realize these benefits:

  • An appraisal assists the seller and agent in pricing the home within a reasonable range.
  • A home that is priced with the assistance of an appraisal may attract serious buyers and spend less time listed for sale.
  • An appraisal report can be made available to potential buyers, increasing their confidence that the sale will proceed smoothly.

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At Flushing Realty, we strongly believe in the value of a property appraisal to assist in pricing your property for sale. We are so confident in this valuable tool that we offer this service free to our valued clients! Contact us today to learn more about free property appraisal service!