The Global Mashup Series Returns to Flushing Town Hall for it 7th Season

Among the many reasons to be a homeowner in Queens, NY, it’s also where there are more languages spoken than anywhere else in the world; and there’s the return of the Global Mashup Music series! Flushing Town Hall will proudly host its popular Global Mashups series, which pairs musical traditions from around the world in five performances in this 2020 season on Saturday’s beginning on February 29th. In its seventh season, the annual concert series continues to present “global music to a global community,” combining genres from bluegrass and Ghanaian brass to klezmer and music from the Philippines. There is something for everyone, especially if you like to dance.

The  Global Mashups lineup 2020 includes Klezmer meets Venezuela, Hungary meets Ghana, Colombia meets the Philippines, Bluegrass meets Mexico, and Balkans meets Tango. Each performance of the series will involve separate musical performances from two different regions. Afterward, the two groups will participate in a combined set, in which they meld their talents to create a whole new sound.

“The spirit of these mashups is one of celebration and respect,” says Ellen Kodadek, Flushing Town Hall’s executive, and its artistic director. “We are celebrating and respecting our differences and appreciating each other’s unique, cultural traditions, while also coming together for a one-of-a-kind, shared experience. The arts move us all and bring people together!”

Here's the line–up for this eclectic musical adventure:

Global Mashup 1: Klezmer Meets Venezuela

This audience favorite returns on Feb. 29, featuring the stylings of klezmer clarinetist Michael Winograd & The Honorable Mentshn along with the Venezuelan Afro-Soul of Betsayda Machado y Parranda El Clavo.

Global Mashup 2: Hungary Meets Ghana

On March 14, the Hungarian folk band Életfa will showcase high-energy traditional music and dance while Kotoko Brass plays “propulsive, infectious party music” inspired by traditional Ghanaian drum rhythms. Audiences are welcome to come to a 4 p.m. panel discussion “Birth of the women’s movement & Austro-Hungarian uprisings: How 1848 changed NYC.”

Global Mashup 3: Colombia Meets the Philippines

The third Global Mashup on April 4 features the Cumbia River Band, which draws influence from Colombian Cumbia and Riverside music. Joining them is Sining Kapuluan, who will present traditional gong music and dances from Mindanao, the southern island of the Philippines.

Global Mashup 4: Bluegrass Meets Mexico

On April 18, Astrograss will perform a combination of high-energy bluegrass, old-time Celtic music, and dance as Jarana Beat treat listeners to a blend of Mexican folk and Afr0-Amerindian musical traditions.

Global Mashup 5: Balkans Meets Tango

For the series finale on May 2, Slavic Soul Party will showcase fiery Balkan brass, “irresistible” beats, Roma (Gypsy) accordion, and virtuoso jazz. Joining them will be The Aces of Rhythm who will perform hardcore Tango with an “unstoppable” rhythm.

Last year, Flushing Town Hall sold out the Global Mashup series due to its burgeoning popularity.

Every show begins at 8 p.m., prefaced with a dance lesson at 7:15 p.m. Tickets for each event is $18 for general admission, $12 for members and students, and free for teens under Flushing Town Hall’s Teen Access Program.

Located at 137-35 Northern Blvd. visitors can access Flushing Town Hall by car, bus, train, and on foot. The area is accessible for wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility.

Purchase tickets at or by calling (718) 463-7700 ext. 222.

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Photo courtesy of Flushing Town Hall

The Global Mashup series begins Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020