Guaranteed Program

Deciding to list a property for sale is a struggle faced by many home owners. The risk involved sometimes prevents potential sellers from entering the real estate market. Real estate agencies are rarely willing to take steps to significantly reduce the risk of selling a property. At Kew Gardens Realty, we approach your sale in a different way. We offer a unique Guaranteed Program to our valued clients. This program states that if we do not sell your home within 25 days, we will sell it for free! Common Seller Questions Sellers often have fears that they are hesitant to discusss with their real estate agent. Kew Gardens Realty wants you to know that no question is off-limits to our agents. We are happy to address these common seller concerns:

  • What if my property becomes stale on the market?
  • Will I need to reduce my asking price in order to sell my property quickly?
  • Will I experience financial hardship if my property does not sell as quickly as I had planned?

Many of these fears are relieved with our Guaranteed Program. Our committed agents will work around the clock to put your anxiety to rest! Guaranteed Program Details Our Guaranteed Program creates a winning situation for our sellers. Here are the details that you can expect to hear when you meet with our agents:

  • Our agents will not take a commission on your sale if the property is not sold within 25 days.
  • Our agents will collaborate with you to devise a fair asking price so that you do not need to accept a lower offer during the 25-day period.
  • A written agreement will be provided to explain the specific terms of this program.

Contact Us Today! At Kew Gardens Realty, we are dedicated to selling your home quickly and for the best price. If our Guaranteed Program sounds enticing to you, contact Kew Gardens Realty today to learn more about putting your home on the market in Kew Gardens!