Flushing Real Estate: What You Need To Know About Fixer-Uppers

If you are checking out Flushing real estate, you'll see several fixer-uppers lurking in the listings. Is a fixer-upper a smart real estate investment?

If you are considering a home with potential, listen up! We are going to review some of the pros and cons of purchasing a real estate project.

The Pros

  • Fixer-uppers have a lower price tag.
    If you decide on a fixer-upper, you'll probably get more home for less money. This is a fantastic opportunity in Flushing, where steep real estate prices for move-in ready homes are common.
  • You can personalize your new place.
    If you purchase a fixer-upper with good bones, it's like being an artist with a blank canvas. You can turn a disheveled piece of Flushing real estate into a comfortable home that is uniquely "you."
  • If you fall in love with a fixer-upper, you're more likely to get it.
    We love homes with potential, but not everyone shares that sentiment. There is less competition for fixer-uppers than move-in ready homes. If you make a reasonable offer, your chances of scoring the sale are good.

The Cons

  • Renovations are expensive.
    Sometimes people forget that even though they purchased their fixer-upper for less, renovations could send them soaring over their budget. Crunch numbers carefully before committing to a project.
  • Unexpected renovation expenses might throw a wrench in your plans.
    You've seen this situation on home renovation television shows. Someone purchases a fixer-upper, renovations begin and suddenly a fun kitchen remodel turns into a plumbing overhaul. While you look at fixer-uppers in the Flushing real estate market, make sure your budget includes extra cash for the unexpected.
  • You might need to live in chaos during your renovations.
    If dusty shelves make you shudder, you'll probably struggle to live in fixer-upper conditions. If you don't have another place to stay while you remodel your Flushing real estate, you might need to grin and bear the mess until it's over.

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