Flushing Real Estate: A Lightning-Fast Tour of Flushing’s Subsections

One quick Google search will tell you that Flushing is a special place. Filled with energy, culture, and of course, mouth-watering Asian cuisine, Flushing attracts migrating Manhattanites and New York City newbies alike.

If you are checking out Flushing real estate, you have some big decisions on your plate. Your first order of business is to figure out which neighborhood feels like home.

Flushing consists of five subsections. The best way to choose a neighborhood is to pay us an in-person visit, but if you’re not up for that, we’ll take you on a brief “tour” today! Here is a list of Flushing’s five subsections and one (or two!) reasons to love them:

This historic community of single-family Flushing real estate is so close, yet so far, from the excitement of Flushing’s downtown district. It is nearly 100% residential, contributing to the precious tranquility that is a rarity in New York City.

Linden Hill
A diverse blend of residents from Asian, Latin American and European countries call Linden Hill their home. Reasonable real estate prices are icing on the cake of this middle-class neighborhood.

Murray Hill
Not to be confused with Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood, Murray Hill in Flushing is home to New York City’s second-largest Koreatown. The homes are close together, and the atmosphere is quiet. Murray Hill is an often-overlooked gem in Flushing real estate.

Queensboro Hill/South Flushing
If you haven’t heard of Queensboro Hill, it’s time to get to know this Flushing subsection. Families with children flock to this neighborhood for its easy-to-access green spaces. One thing to note: A car isn’t totally necessary here, but it’s a nice luxury if you can afford it!

You won’t find city blocks in Waldheim! The streets are arranged in an unusual pattern, creating an eye-catching landscape. Residents put forth continuous efforts to preserve the neighborhood’s historic charm.

We hope this tour has piqued your interest in Flushing real estate! If you would like to see these neighborhoods up close, contact Flushing Realty today.

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