Flushing Homes for Sale: A Good Fit for Your Family

Although we sing Flushing's praises to our clients, we understand why families with children might be a bit nervous to consider Flushing homes for sale. Is the community safe? Is it convenient? Are there things for children to do?

Urban living is a different ball game with children, but it's also the adventure of a lifetime. If you are thinking about moving to Flushing with your family in tow, it never hurts to equip yourself with as much information as possible. Here are a few facts about Flushing that families need to know:

  • Invest in walking shoes for the entire family.
    City life comes with its fair share of walking. Whether you live a couple of blocks off of Main Street or tucked back in an enclave of single-family homes, walking is definitely on the agenda in Flushing. As you tour Flushing homes for sale, take note of where the schools, green spaces, markets and other necessities are located to get a feel for how many miles your family will log on foot in an average day.
  • Top-notch education is right around the corner.
    If your family is new to New York City, deciding where to send your children to school is probably at the top of your worry list. Urban schools sometimes get a bad rap, so we understand your dilemma. Here's the good news: Flushing is home to highly-ranked public and private schools at all grade levels. You'll have options, and one is sure to be a good fit for your family.
  • You'll probably need to pare down your belongings.
    If you are moving from a home with a large playroom dedicated to keeping your kids' toys corralled, you'll have to make some adjustments before you move to Flushing. Although Flushing homes for sale typically offer more space than their Manhattan counterparts, don't expect miracles in the square footage department.

Take it from us: Flushing is a great place to raise a family! If you're interested in Flushing homes for sale, contact us today to check out your options.

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