Flushing Condos: The Positives of a Traditional Floor Plan

While you'll see your fair share of newly-constructed Flushing condos lining the streets of this bustling community, older residences still dominate the landscape. These more "mature" buildings are a far cry from their modern counterparts, but that doesn't make them any less awesome! In fact, we would argue that these older units offer unique features that you simply don't see in today's builds.

Let's talk about open floor plans. If you're tuned in to those television programs that help buyers find their dream home, open floor plans are invariably on their wish lists. Since open floor plans weren't a "thing" before the 1990s, you'll see a limited number of these layouts in Flushing condos.

This is good news, because divided floor plans are making a comeback! Before you limit your search for Flushing condos, read these pros to traditional floor plans:

  • Privacy is easier to come by in a divided floor plan.Flushing condos with traditional floor plans offer more privacy than their open counterparts. In a city where roommates are the norm, these extra walls could be a huge selling point.
  • You can close off a messy area.If your delicious dinner turns into a kitchen catastrophe, a divided floor plan conceals the damage until you are ready to clean it up. You can also designate closed-off spaces for crafting, homework or other activities that tend to leave a mess.
  • You'll have more walls to decorate.Traditional layouts have more wall space than open floor plans to display your treasures. You'll also have more rooms to work with, so everyone who lives in the unit can infuse a room with their personality.
  • The utility costs in a traditional floor plan might be lower.Since Flushing condos are on the small side, this cost savings might be minimal. Every dollar counts, and if you're pinching pennies, a traditional floor plan might put you at ease.

Go ahead, put a few Flushing condos with traditional floor plans on your must-see list! Contact Flushing Realty today to learn more about available real estate opportunities.

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