Flushing Condos Enter 2021 With Five Smart Updates

Flushing condos are cool and quirky, right? They can also be dated and tired-looking. If the latter describes your current situation, you’ve landed at the right place in cyberspace!

You don’t need to commit to a costly renovation to bring an old condo into 2021. Instead, focus on changes that will give you the most bang for your buck.

What are some of these changes? Read on for a few of our favorite budget-friendly updates that look great in Flushing condos:

Paint the walls.
You’ve heard it before. If you slap on a fresh coat of paint, you can transform a space. This tip tops our list because we think it’s worth mentioning again. It’s an easy, cheap way to make a room look spacious, cozy or downright crazy!

Update your kitchen backsplash.
Whether you DIY or splurge for a professional, a new kitchen backsplash adds personality to this chore-laden room. Many Flushing condos have open floor plans, so an attractive backsplash can brighten up more than just the kitchen!

Reglaze your bathroom tile.
Bathroom tile is a forgotten-about part of Flushing condos. Nice tile doesn’t make its way to the top of the to-do list very often! Treat your tile (and yourself) to a professional reglaze. This service comes at a price, but it’s not nearly as expensive as tile replacement.

Focus on your flooring.
Many Flushing condos are blessed with original hardwood floors. If your condo is one of them, caring for your floor will make your home feel cleaner and more pulled-together. Handy homeowners can go DIY with this project. If you’re not good with tools, hiring a pro is money well spent.

Let there be light!
Did your condo come with a weirdly ornate chandelier that is impossible to clean? We’ve seen those before! Switch it out for a sleek, modern option that lets the light shine.

When it comes to Flushing condos, our agents have seen it all! If you’re looking for more ways to add pizzaz to your condo, connect with Flushing Realty today!

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