Flushing Co-ops Transformed: A Multifunctional Space Is Possible!

Like most types of urban living, Flushing co-ops aren't exactly spacious. If you're rockin' a studio, you only have one room to work with! One-bedroom units aren't much larger.

When you're dealing with tiny digs, it's tough to create designated spaces for specific tasks. What if you need a home office, or what if your crafting habit is taking over your main living area? The struggle is real! Fortunately, we're here to help you overcome it.

Today, we're asking all of our friends who are frustrated by their limited square footage to gather 'round and listen to these top tips for making "rooms" in Flushing co-ops:

Tip #1: Hang curtains.

Curtains do more than provide privacy from nosy neighbors. Hang them in your studio to conceal your sleeping space, or curtain off a corner of your living room to create a special place to work on your latest project.

Tip #2: Strategically place your furniture.

Large pieces of furniture (think sofas or long tables) effectively divide a room into two sections in Flushing co-ops. You could easily create a dining area or a childrens' play corner with the right placement.

Tip #3: Color-code your space.

Use color to divide your space into different zones for different activities. Outfit your office corner in a stress-reducing green, your dining area in an appetite-stimulating orange and your reading nook in a relaxing blue. Better yet, ignore these color suggestions and use your favorites!

Tip #4: Try a loft bed.

This is a secret weapon for those who live in Flushing co-ops! A loft bed is an effortless way to maximize floor space. The little cove created by your lofted bed is the perfect place for a mini home office or study spot.

Tip #5: Use rugs to define specific areas.

Rugs offer the illusion of a "room" in a multifunctional space. Simply lay down a trendy area rug and arrange your furniture around it!

Flushing co-ops may be small, but with a little creativity, you'll never notice! If you're interested in learning more, contact Flushing Realty today!

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