Flushing Co-ops: Study Up for Your Board Interview!

Allow us to point out the obvious: Board interviews for Flushing co-ops are stressful. Some people rate them at the same anxiety level as a job interview. In our opinion, co-op board interviews might rate higher on the stress-o-meter!

The last time you had to prep for a job interview, what did you do? Did you Google commonly-asked interview questions and practice your answers? We thought so! Let us save you the Google search and give you a list of questions (and a starting point for your answers) that might come up during a board interview for Flushing co-ops.

Why did you select this co-op?

Be kind when you answer this question. Avoid statements such as, “It was the only one I could afford.” Instead, compliment the building’s historic charm or the neighborhood’s friendly vibe. There’s no need to be sickeningly sweet. Friendly and polite will suffice.

Why did you leave a section of your board application blank?

Hopefully, the co-op board won’t ask this question because you painstakingly filled out your entire application neatly and completely. If they do ask, be prepared with an explanation and any necessary documentation to back it up.

Are you planning to renovate the unit?

Renovations in older Flushing co-ops are sometimes necessary, but they are also disruptive to your neighbors. Some co-op boards express concern if potential residents have plans to gut the unit immediately. Be truthful yet neutral. Say something like, “I’m taking renovation plans one step at a time,” or “I haven’t settled on a plan to upgrade the unit.”

Is your job secure?

This is a tough one, especially in today’s job market. Your best bet is to remain positive about your steady source of income. Don’t divulge details about how you survived your company’s recent layoffs or how work is slow at the moment.

If you made it to your co-op board interview, you’re almost at the finish line! Contact Flushing Realty today to learn how to prepare for your interview and be the newest resident of Flushing co-ops!

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