Flushing Co-Ops: A Guide To Completing the Best Board Package Ever!

If the mere mention of a co-op board package makes you want to rent in Flushing forever, this post is for you! Board packages are a rite of passage in Flushing co-ops. They are lengthy and time-consuming, but they are a necessary evil.

Why do co-ops require this extra work? Remember that co-ops are corporations, and residents are shareholders. The board package will reveal if a potential resident won't be able to meet the financial obligations of the co-op or if they might struggle with the rules that make the building a pleasant place for all.

If you're still feeling intimidated by the whole process, here are a few suggestions for creating a stellar board package for Flushing co-ops:

1. Follow directions carefully.

Include all required documentation in your board package. If you leave anything out, the co-op board will need to chase you down to get it, and that doesn't leave a good impression. Don't include extra documentation, either. The board has plenty to sift through already.

2. Stay organized.

Consider adding a table of contents at the beginning of your package so that board members can flip directly to the sections that they want to review. Category dividers are a smart idea too!

3. Select references who speak highly of you.

When you apply for Flushing co-ops, a letter from your supervisor that verifies your employment and a letter from your landlord stating that you pay rent on time are almost always required. You'll have more leeway in your personal references. You already know that you can pull your weight financially and be a good neighbor. Choose personal references who would agree.

4. Have a second, third or fourth set of eyes review your package.

In addition to your broker, you might want to have a savvy friend or even a lawyer check your work.

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