Flushing Apartment Rentals: Why It’s OK to Rent Instead of Buy

We hear so much about the advantages of buying a home in Flushing. Homeowners build equity, have stability and can do practically anything they want to their humble abode. With all of these pros, who is interested in Flushing apartment rentals?

A lot of people rent in Flushing, and it's not all bad. There are some distinct advantages to going the rental route. We could list the pros and cons of renting and buying, but today is all about the positive! Here are four reasons to give Flushing apartment rentals a second look:

  • Flushing apartment rentals offer flexibility.
    If you're undecided about planting roots in Flushing, a one-year lease might be a low-commitment way to experience the community. If you don't like living here, you can try out another Queens neighborhood when your lease is up. If you fall in love with Flushing as we have, maybe we can talk real estate in about a year!
  • Most maintenance and repairs are your landlord's responsibility.
    Many busy New Yorkers don't have time to care for a home of their own. If this describes you, renting might be your best bet. With no lot to maintain, no household projects to tackle and no repairs to schedule, you might have some extra free time to enjoy your building's amenities!
  • Your building might offer perks that you couldn't otherwise afford.
    Speaking of amenities, Flushing apartment rentals sometimes have features that you wouldn't have if you owned your home. A pool, fitness room and extra security are three examples of popular perks.
  • Renting requires less up-front costs.
    When you buy a house, there are home inspections, down payments, closing costs and more to pay before you take the keys. Flushing apartment rentals usually only require a security deposit and your first month's rent to move in. If you don't have a lot of cash on hand, think about renting while you build your savings account.

If you're still on the fence about Flushing apartment rentals, check them out for yourself! Connect with Flushing Realty today to see what's available.

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