Flushing Apartment Rentals: Understanding Tricky Terms

When you move into Flushing apartment rentals, you'll need to sign a lease. The landlord isn't asking for your signature because they think you'll be famous someday. When you sign a lease, you agree to everything that's written in it. Violating your lease could get you kicked out of your digs.

A lease is a legal document, so you need to do more than skim it. You need to understand it! Unfortunately, leases for Flushing apartment rentals often contain legal jargon that floats over the average renter's head.

We're here to help! Here is a brief list of often-used terms (and their easy-to-understand definitions) that you'll see when you read a lease from beginning to end:

  • Security deposit: An up-front amount of money that you'll pay upon move-in to cover any potential damages or cleaning fees that exceed the norm while you live in the apartment. The landlord keeps your security deposit until you vacate the unit. When you move out, they will return all, part or none of the money, depending on the unit's condition.
  • Eviction: To put it bluntly, this is when your landlord tells you to "get lost." You can't be evicted from Flushing apartment rentals for your race, religion or because the landlord doesn't like you. You can be evicted for violating your lease. That's why we want you to read it!
  • Notice to quit: This is a formal letter that states that your lease will be terminated by the landlord. If you receive a notice to quit because you are behind in your rent payments, you might get a short time to catch up and avoid eviction.
  • Notice to vacate: This is a letter you give to your landlord when you plan to move out of your apartment. Read this part of your lease carefully, because you might have to pay a hefty penalty if you vacate before your lease is up.

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