Flushing Apartment Rentals: Five Tips for Finding a Great Place To Live

If you're interested in Flushing apartment rentals, you probably already have a list of questions to ask your potential landlord. You'll need to know how much you'll pay for monthly rent, how much the security deposit will set you back and how long your lease will last. No surprises here, right?

If you want to find an apartment that you're excited about, you'll need to dig deeper! Here are some little-known tips that you should have in your back pocket while you tour Flushing apartment rentals:

Tip #1: Complete applications ahead of time.

Get a leg up on the competition, and have your rental application filled out beforehand. See if the applications for the apartments that you plan to visit are available online. If not, contact the landlord to see if you can get your hands on a hard copy. If you find an apartment that speaks to you, you'll be one step closer to moving in!

Tip #2: Take measurements.

What if you commit to an apartment and realize that your furniture won't fit? What if you come to this conclusion on moving day? Don't let that happen! Measure your large pieces before you go apartment hunting, and bring the tape measure along to check room dimensions.

Tip #3: Check cell phone reception throughout the unit.

Cell phone reception in Flushing apartment rentals is either fantastic or nonexistent. Make sure it's not the latter, and whip out your phone during your tour.

Tip #4: Take a stroll around the block.

Your apartment's location is just as important as its interior. Make time for a quick walk around the neighborhood. You'll get a feel for the area's convenience, noise level, safety and general appeal.

Tip #5: Read the lease.

It might be tempting to scan the legal jargon and sign, but make sure you read the lease thoroughly to learn about any additional fees or building rules that would seriously cramp your style.

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