Landscaping Your Flushing Home

What exactly comes to mind when you think about landscaping? Flowers, trees, grass, shrubs, or a weed whacker? Beyond those basics, think about what a garden means for your home and its value. While a homeowner can do interior renovations to increase the value of a home, landscaping also adds an estimable value to homes.

According to the research done by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association, landscaping can increase the resale value of a property by as much as 14% The sale of a property can increase by as much as six weeks. Patio landscaping can raise property value by 12.4% A landscaped curb or corner can increase home value by 4.4% and hedges can add 3.6% value to a home.

When considering adding landscaping or improvements on a home, backyard landscaping can not only enhance the look of a property but also add excellent value for refinancing can make selling a home much more accessible.
Typically, the ROI – return on investment – for what landscaping improvements you make returns in money later on, but you also gain the benefit of more shade and additional privacy. By adding fruit trees, you also get to enjoy nature’s bounty. Flowers added to backyard landscape design make it more appealing.

A landscape using high-quality plant material that has been professionally designed, prepared, installed, and maintained is not only a work of art, but it is also an excellent property investment.

These are few of the benefits of expertly executed landscaping plans:

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Social

How to Plan a Landscape Budget

A reasonable landscape budget takes approximately 5% of the home value, and by spending it on a low-maintenance, but a high quality landscape, your home’s value can increase in resale value by as much as 15%. This investment earns you back 150% or more from investing in that landscape budget.

But there is more. When plants are accurately selected and placed optimally, it results in lowering heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%!

Now do you see how landscaping increases the value of your home? can assist homeowners in selecting the best Flushing based landscapers for their gardening and landscaping design needs.